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Pole Buildings in Johnstown, PA

Home Pride Builders Constructs Many Types of Pole Buildings

Home Pride Builders builds pole buildings of many types for homeowners and business owners in Johnstown, PA, and the surrounding region. We build single to multiple-door garages, barns, workshops, storage buildings, livestock buildings, and warehouses. We custom-design our pole buildings to fit our customer’s residential, commercial, or farm needs, and we construct all pole buildings with quality materials. Give our representatives a call at (814) 495-5080 for a free estimate on a pole building at your location.

Styles of Pole Buildings Include:

  • Garages
  • Barns
  • Workshops
  • Storage Buildings
  • Livestock Buildings
  • Warehouses

We are Proud of Our Quality Garages

The pole building construction professionals at Home Pride Builders have many years of experience in putting up new garages in our service area, which include Cambria, Somerset, Indiana, Bedford, Blair, and Westmoreland counties. We are proud of the speed and work we perform for our customers. Whether it is a single-car garage or a three-car garage, customers trust us to carry out the building plans to the smallest detail. We secure all the permits and adhere to city building codes.

Our Custom-Made Barns Meet the Many Needs of Farmers

Home Pride Builders constructs custom-made barns to meet the needs of farmers and horse owners. We can build barns of all sizes to house horses, cows, and other livestock. Our construction crews build barns quickly and correctly. Our crews are accustomed to building attractive, durable, and stylish barns that are highly functional. We work with our customers to determine the size and look of the barn.

Commercial Owners Call on Us for Warehouse Construction

Commercial owners and managers who need a warehouse to store equipment, machines, tools, furniture, and more have called on Home Pride Builders for years to construct warehouses on their property. We build custom-made warehouses to meet the needs of our commercial customers. Our staff works quickly to build the warehouse because we know it is an essential part of our customer’s business.

Contact us when you want any type of pole building constructed in the region. We will provide a free estimate on the cost of the project.